Company profile
Oriental Industries (Suzhou) Ltd.  wholly-owned by  Taiwan Far Eastern Group was established in Suzhou 2005. With its 70years of experience in textile industry  and  philosophy of  "sincerity, diligence, thrift, prudence and innovation". It has the world's advanced production technologies and equipments and continuously commits to new product development to successfully achieve vertically integrated management from polyester chips, spinning, twisting, weaving to dipping, with main products including polyester chips, polyester industrial yarn, nylon industrial yarn, tire cord, and Fabric reinforcement for rubber & plastic products. With customer-oriented strategy, OTIZ  follows market trend, and it relies on quality, service and innovation, to realize sustainable growth with the customers!

We uphold the concept of recycling and production base, leading peer into the green industrial fiber products. With recycled polyester, bio based polyester and bio based nylon 56 as raw materials, the green products of industrial yarn, tire cord fabric and industrial fabric have been successfully developed by using the technology of environmental friendly dipping formula. It effectively reduces the dependence on traditional petrochemical raw materials and contributes to a sustainable and friendly environment.
Green environmental protection products
Climate change and carbon neutral have become national policy and world trend. In response to this trend of circular economy, OTIZ continuously develops and invests in green industrial textiles based on the fundamental technology of TopGreen of FENC. At present, the achievements of development are including Bio-based polyester, Bio-based nylon and Recycled polyester These green Eco-friendly textiles have been putting into the general industry applications (membrane, sunshades, tarpaulin, digital printing products, conveyor belts), also developing the reinforcements of tire, airbag and seat belt with the global famous automotive suppliers. To use these sustainable products with the international community to achieve the goal of circular economy and carbon neutral by 2050. Bio-based Polyester, Recycled Polyester and Bio-based Nylon, which are able to be the textile reinforcement for the applications of Geo-textile, rubber products and automobile industry.